*Call Rates For All Plans:

No Flag-Fall No Minimum Call Charge. 

All calls charged by seconds, not minutes.

Local/National Calls: 15c/min

Mobile Calls: 26c/min

13/1300 calls: 40c/call

For International Call Packages, please contact us

Basic Plan



Min cost $390 over 6 mths + $75 setup fee

Perfect for basic internet users browsing web pages, watching Netflix and Youtube etc on 1-2 devices (phone, laptop, computer) in a household. 





Min cost $462 over 6 mths + $75 setup fee

Phone Line Rental for $12/month. Call charges apply to Local, National & Mobile calls*



Entertainer Plus Plan





Min cost $594 over 6 mths + $75 setup fee

Similar to the Entertainment package, but for households with 6+ devices. Or for those who don't want to wait. Ever.




Min cost $666 over 6 mths + $75 setup fee

Phone Line Rental for $12/month. Call charges apply to Local, National & Mobile calls*


Entertainer Plan



Min cost $510 over 6 mths + $75 setup fee

Use services like Netflix, play online games and browse with lightning speeds. Essential if you have 4+ devices connected at the same time.






Min cost $582 over 6 mths + $75 setup fee

Phone Line Rental for $12/month. Call charges apply to Local, National & Mobile calls*


Get connected in 3 easy steps

In just three easy steps you'll be on your way to awesome internet! Instead of waiting days for someone to come out to your apartment, you just have to login, sign-up and you'll have access within hours.


Provide your details

Provide your name, address and important contact details and we will send you an account login. 


Pay online & Get Connected

Once you get your login details, login, enter your payment details and your internet will be switched on within hours of payment. Not days. 


Choose your plan

Choose 1 of 3 Unlimited Download plans, starting from as low as $65 per month on a min. 6 month contract.

Min cost $390 over 6 mths + $75 setup fee

Here's why Elypsys internet is so good...

From Netflix to games and everything in-between, your experience is going to be like nothing you've ever had before. Because now you are getting business grade internet... All to yourself.

Take the next step...

If you already have an existing internet plan, we can still help you.
Contact Us if you want better internet without paying more.

Forget what it's like to wait

At the end of the day, its internet how you expect it. No more wasting time.


Fast Downloads

Up to 100MB/s plans. Download in minutes, not hours.


Unlimited Downloads

No cap on your downloads. Watch, play and download as much as you want


Same Upload/Download speed

Using Skype, Uploading to Dropbox, Accessing email and downloading files will all move quickly.

Netflix and Chill

No interruptions in your favorite streaming services

No Lag Gaming

Get your ping down now and pwn the competition


  • Who is elypsys?
    • Elypsys is a private telecommunications carrier, specialising in high speed data, voice and entertainment services. For more information about Elypsys, visit or free call 1800 ELYPSYS (359 779).
  • How do I get connected?
    • Select your preferred plan above based on your needs. Once selected, you will be taken to the plan sign-up page where you will enter your details. Once your application has been processed, we will create your account and provide you with account login details so you can pay online and get connected within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can call 1800 ELYPSYS (359 779).
  • What if I already have a contract with an existing provider?
  • How long will it take to get connected?
    • Once you get your login details, login, enter your payment details and your internet will be switched on within 2 to 24 hours of payment confirmation.
  • Who should I contact if I have any questions/how do u get in touch with you?
  • How do I know which plan to select?
  • How do I pay and what are the payment options available?
    • In order to make sure you get your internet setup as quickly as possible, we offer online payment through Visa and Mastercard (debit or credit card), BPAY and Direct Debit. If you need assistance with your payment, you can email us at or talk to our support team at 1800 ELYPSYS (359 779).
  • Do I need to pay for any additional equipment?
    • When signing up for your plan, you will be notified of any additional equipment that may be required. This will be included in a 'setup fee' outlined when you pay for your service. Refer to for further details or call our support team at 1800 ELYPSYS (359 779).
  • Is elypsys the NBN? What is different to NBN?
    • Elypsys uses cutting edge technology to operate its own private high speed network, free from the constraints of NBN. This delivers a premium user experience, without a premium price tag.
  • Can I choose another provider?
    • The Elypsys network is an open wholesale network. Your provider is welcome to get in touch with us to arrange a service for you.
  • Can I keep my existing landline phone number?
    • Yes. Elypsys can arrange to port your phone number from your existing provider. A porting fee may apply.
  • Can I keep my email address if it has been provided by another carrier?
    • If your ISP is providing you with an email address, you will need to contact them to discuss your options of keeping that email address. Email accounts from providers such as Google and Yahoo will not be affected.
  • Will Elypsys provide an email address?
    • No. Elypsys will not tie you into a service by offering a 'free' email address. Elypsys recommends email services such as Gmail, Outlook, GMX, Yahoo and many more.
  • Do I have to get a package or can I order products separately?
    • Elypsys does not make you bundle products to get great value. Our offering consists of great value products that can be selected independently.

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